How to build such framework with cuda toolkits?

I have fetch source codes and third-party deps. When I try to run cmake cmd, it reports error below.

Anyone can help look into it? Thanks.

please follow:
to init TensorRT env:

But some dependencies should be manually installed:

  • CUDA(>=10.1), cuDNN(>=7.6)are required when building MegEngine with CUDA support (default ON)
  • TensorRT(>=5.1.5) is required when building with TensorRT support (default ON)
  • LLVM/Clang(>=6.0) is required when building with Halide JIT support (default ON)
  • Python(>=3.5), Numpy, SWIG(>=3.0) are required to build Python modules. (default ON)

detail cmake about TensorRT find logic , please refs for: cmake/tensorrt.cmake